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Why do you breed Labrador Retrievers? (or whatever breed you're interested in)
How long have you had Labradors?
Are you a member of any dog clubs or organizations?
What do you do with your dogs?  Field, Conformation, Obedience, Therapy, etc.
May I see a pedigree, genetic clearances, pictures of the sire and dam?
Do you have both sire and dam and may I see them?
Are the sire and dam registered?  Which registry?  AKC, UKC etc.?
How many generations have genetic clearance for hip/eye/other problems?
Will I get package of information or Puppy Raiser Guide with the puppy?
What does the package of information include?  Pedigree?
Do you have a contract, and can I see one now?
Is there a deposit for a puppy?  Is the deposit refundable?
What is your criterion for puppy selection?  Will I choose the puppy, or will you?
Do you have "pet quality" puppies?
How and where are your puppies raised? 
Are your puppies socialized?  If so, how are they socialized? 
Will I get “Full” or “Limited” AKC registration?
Is there a spay/neuter clause in your contract?
What is your return policy?
How long do I have to bring the puppy back for a full refund?
What health care did the puppy receive before purchase? 
If my puppy doesn't pass the wellness exam, will you refund the purchase price? (All puppy buyers should see their vet within 48-72 hours of puppy purchase)
If I can't keep the dog in the future, will you take it back or help with –re-homing?
May I have your phone number to call for problems?
May I have a list of references of other puppy purchases and your veterinarian?
Are the dogs registered?
May I see and have a pedigree.
Are the parents eyes certified with Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF)? 
What is the date of the eye certification (must be certified annually)
May I see a copy of the CERF?
Are the parents hips certified with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals/PennHip?
When were the hips certified?  (2 years of age for final OFA certification)
Have the parents had recent vaccination?
Who is your vet?  May I talk with your veterinarian?

*If you’re interested in obedience, ask about the parent’s obedience ability.

*If you’re interested in conformation showing, ask about the ability of this line to produce a champion.

McNeil Labradors
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