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Why do you want a Labrador Retriever? 
Why do you want a puppy from me?
How did you hear about me?
Are you married?
Do you have children?  Ages of children?
What is your occupation?
Will there be others in your household who will have contact with your puppy?
Where will the puppy sleep during the day? Where will the puppy sleep at night?
Do you own or rent your home?
Is your preference male or female?  Why?
Do you have a color preference?  Why?
Are you interested in any type of competition?  Show, obedience, field, therapy etc?
Have you even been active in competition with a dog? 
If you have been in competition with a dog, what type and to what degree?
Do you belong to dog clubs?  If so, which clubs?  Could you provide references within the club?
Are you willing to attend basic obedience training as a condition of purchasing a puppy?
What do you like about a Labrador
(or breed of interest)?
What don’t you like about a Labrador
(or breed of interest)?
Is this your first Labrador
(or breed of interest)?
Have you owned dogs?  If so, what breed(s)?  What sex of dogs have you owned?
Has there been Parvo Virus in your neighborhood in the past that you know of?
Have you ever put a dog to sleep?  If  so, for what reason?
If your dog died, tell me what from and at what age.
Tell me about the other animals you have at home now.
Who is your veterinarian?
Are you willing to spay or neuter the dog?
Will you follow my instructions about vaccinations, care and feeding?
Is someone home or able to come home for house and crate training during the day?
Tell me which books you’ve read about the breed or any research you’ve done.
What are your expectations for adding a new puppy to your family?
Are you committed to caring for the puppy for his/her lifetime?

Remember, it is just as important that a breeder ask you as many questions as you ask them.  They should be concerned for the welfare of their puppy and be able to determine if you will be the kind, loving, and nurturing home they want for their puppy.

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"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can
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the best deal man has ever made." - M. Facklam