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"The Reunion - Potomac 2007"

McNeil Ambridge Regal Grace

2008 Potomac Veterans Gala 7-9 Year Bitch Class

What an honor to be asked to show my Grace at 8 years of age!!!  This was the first reunion with Grace since she went to live at Ambridge Labradors with Val and Dave Whalen at 8 weeks of age. 


MACH McNeil's Back Bay Cheddar - "Colby"

"Baily Ferrington"

Patty with "Bailey" (left center), Jean with "Colby" (center) and "Isabella" (right center)

The McNeil Labradors pictured above belong to two very special ladies who enjoy agility with their girls and by chance happened to meet at an agility trial only to discover that they have McNeil Labradors - how neat!  It's all about breeding good dogs and good friendships!


Congratulations ..... Abby and Terry!!

These are smart and adventurous dogs!!  Who says a dog can't play golf?
"Tupper" is having his golf lesson.....

"Cooper" Roth

Congratulations to Cooper and Maureen!!


Nick's last few days with Julie, the very special lady who loved and trained him for a special purpose - a Guide Dog!


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