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Puppies and dogs possess no sense of fashion.  If you encourage them to jump on you when you’re wearing yard clothes on Saturday, they’ll jump the rest of the week regardless of what you’re wearing!  Cute as a puppy but most unwanted when they reach 70 pounds….. 

Hold the dog's paws:

When your puppy jumps up, calmly, and firmly grasps the front paws, one in each hand, and do not let go.  You can talk to your puppy but continue to hold the paws.  After a few seconds, the puppy may whine or mouth your hands but continue to hold the paws.  After about ten seconds, let go as you say “OFF”. When the front feet touch the ground, give a lot of praise as you say “Good Off”.

All members of the household must practice this method because consistency is very important. 

Spray bottle:

Fill a spray bottle with water.  A quick burst of spray in the face may startle them to the point that they won’t jump.  On the other hand, a Labrador may see this as a game because of their love of water and you may defeat the purpose for which this is intended.  You be the judge. 

Leash and collar:

Have your puppy on a collar with a loose leash.  When the puppy jumps, give the command “Off” as you give a quick sideways snap on the leash then give the command to “Sit”.  A proper leash correction makes it unpleasant to jump.  Remember, lots of praise for good behavior. 

With leash and collar still on your puppy, when he looks like he’s going to jump, step on the leash at the point where the leash touches the floor when the puppy is standing.  This way, when he decides to jump, he will correct himself. 

Cans and car keys:

You can fill a can with rocks or pennies and when your puppy jumps, rattle the can behind your back.  He’ll get down seeing what’s going on behind you.  Car keys work well if you drop them behind the puppy.  Dropping keys creates a startled reaction which will cause him to get “off” to investigate noise behind him.

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