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Growing puppies and dogs need fresh air and time out of doors.  I’m not an advocate of your puppy or dog being left outside during the day while you’re away.  People steal, even in the best neighborhoods.  For brief periods of unsupervised time, you will want to make provisions for safe confinement.

If you can provide a dog run, I recommend chain link panels 4’x12’x 6’ high and a gravel or concrete running surface with shade.  You will never regret the investment.  It will save your yard, make clean up easier, and protect your puppy.  By all means let him out to be with you, but he will get good exercise in an area this size.  You can’t supervise your puppy every minute.

Be sure your puppy or dog has adequate shelter and shade when he is outside, and plenty of water.  (See "Crate Training"). 

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"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can
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