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Life has many challenges.  Those of us who truly love our dogs, know the real meaning of "best friend".  When our best friend is happy, we're happy, when our best friend suffers, we all suffer together.  When I feel that life challenges my involvement in this wonderful breed, I'm reminded why, and for what purpose I breed - the hope for a better future...the gift to those less fortunate!

Saint Francis Service Dogs

Saint Francis Service Dogs is a non-profit organization that raises and trains service dogs for children and adults with a wide range of physical and emotional disabilities.

Saint Francis Prison Pup Program is a partnership between the Bland Correctional Facility and Saint Francis where puppies thrive in prison; for them it means a regular schedule, lots of time for learning and constant companionship.  Puppies are guided in social skills, and manners and obedience in order to guide them toward becoming a Saint Francis Service Dog.  Puppies in a prison environment provide enrichment and calm for the spirit as well as the ability to teach inmates a skill they can take into the public sector and get a job.

Two very special "McNeil" puppies are now being raised and trained at Saint Francis where they share their time between Puppy Raisers and the Saint Francis Prison Pup Program. 

Ivy Creek Guide Dogs

 Ivy Creek Guide Dog School 

Meet some of the graduates.......



"Bart" and "Bo"


"Freedom" and "Maverick"

"Blaze" and "Chance"

Guides in training.......

"Nick" says goodbye to his Puppy Raiser - Julie

Guides in training.......

"Snow Dog" in Harness by Puppy Raiser Julie Banker


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