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Dogs are social animals that require plenty of human attention and contact. Therefore, they respond poorly to confinement and isolation. You should anticipate walking your puppy at least twice a day, quality playtime, and basic training. (Refer to my training articles for the basics.) Many behavior problems can be traced to high energy that is not allowed to be released through proper exercise and socialization.  Instead, you have a problem child on your hands, because puppies and dogs will expend this energy through destructive behavior such as chewing, excessive barking, digging, and hyperactivity. Proper exercise will help curtail boredom and high energy levels; two significant factors in destructive behavior. A Labrador needs a job – basic obedience is a great job!!

It is easy to forget that your puppy is still a baby, and will not reach full maturity until after a year old. Please use common sense when considering his exercise. He will try to keep up with you, your children or your other dog, but he shouldn’t! Left on his own he would play some, sleep some, get up and play some more. So, try to set reasonable limits, no rough-housing, no long runs, no running up and down stairs, jumping up and down from heights, and plenty of rest. Please don’t let your puppy play with big dogs until he’s a big dog. There’s too much chance of injury.

It is important to remember that exercise depends on the individual breed. A four-month-old puppy should be tired out from exercise twice a day. You can play fetch at short distances of no more than 10-15 feet while the puppy is very young. The puppy should not be allowed to run free through your neighborhood – this teaches bad habits. If you jog, beware of taking your puppy with you at too early an age because of the stress on joints.  Joint stress can lead to problems later as the puppy develops. Wait to take the puppy jogging until ten months to one year of age. Swimming is an excellent non-weight sport which helps strengthen and tone muscles.                                                                  

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