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Give serious consideration to adopting a puppy or dog, and decide which one might be best for your lifestyle.  Listed below, are a few things you should think about:

  Are you ready to get a dog or puppy?
  Is a Labrador retriever the right choice for you?
  Should you get a puppy or an adult?
  Have you chosen a breeder?
  Are you familiar with the process of choosing a puppy?

There are many other issues to consider:
  Preparing to bring your puppy home - supplies, equipment and food needed
  Puppy proofing your home
  Your puppy's first night
  House breaking and crate training
  Future training
                                                                                                         Guide Puppy "McNeil's Mak'n Mischief"
There are many good links below to assist you.  The Labrador Resources link will provide quick reference answers to many of these "already asked" questions. 

The McNeil Education and Training Corner  provides many helpful articles for puppy preparation, raising a puppy, training and obedience, and health care and safety.  Most of these articles have been written and published in the National Labrador Retriever Club Newsletter - "The Labrador Connection".

Meet Dr. Jane Barber - Board Certified Reproductive Specialist

  Recommended Education and Information Links 


Calm Animal Care (Colorado State University's Small Animal Vaccination Protocol) 

Canine Rabies Vaccine

The Rabies Challenge Fund

Are We Overvaccinating our Pets? 

Canine Lyme, What's New?

How Often Does He Really Need A Rabies Vaccination?

American Dog Trainers Network
Animal Rehabilitation and Wellness Institute - Raleigh, NC
Antech Diagnostics - How Old is my Pet?
Avid Microchip I.D., Products
Breeding Better Dogs -
Dr. Carmen Battaglia
Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels
Canine Health and Genetics Articles
Castration of Male Dogs
Coat Color Inheritance
FLYING DOG PRESS - Free Articles
Genetic Coat Color Prediction For Labrador Retrievers (Vet Gen)
Genetic Musculoskeletal Diseases

Guide To Buying A Labrador Retriever Puppy
Hemopet - Hemolife
InfoDog Dog Show Calendar
International Veterinary Information Service
It's For The Animals
LABMED (Rx For Rescued Labradors)
Labrador Retriever Rescue Contacts
Labrador Retriever Standard - FCI

Lyme Disease In Dogs
OFA Index Page
OPTIGEN - (Genetic Diseases in Purebred Dogs)
Patellar Luxation
Pet Shop Puppies: 10 Reasons Why Not to Buy a Pet Shop Puppy
(By Catherine M. Sheeter)
Poisonous Plants

Plant Guide for People and Animals
Puppy Aptitude Test 

Raising Your Dog With The Monks Of New Skeet (Training Advice)
Super Dog Training
The Labrador Quarterly
Therapy Dogs International
The Senior Dogs Project
Tips For New Puppy Owners
Tricuspid Dysplasia: A Cardiologist's Perspective (Golden Gate LRC)
Veterinary Diagnostics Testing - DNA Coat Color Testing
Veterinary Pet Insurance


     "No better way to enjoy a warm Fall afternoon than a romp with Uncle Jack"....
McNeil Labradors in the photo are:  Millie, Rena, Raven, Bella, and her sister, Charlie.  Charlie is owned by Jack, Amy and Marissa!


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