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The puppy’s first teeth appear between 3 and 4 weeks of age. These are called “milk teeth”. The last of the baby teeth come in at around 6 weeks of age. Puppy teeth are needle sharp so now is the time to teach BITE INHIBITION.

When your puppy bites down on your hand, nose, etc. overly dramatize the pain, do not shout but firmly tell puppy NO! One of the most effective ways to cure biting is to firmly grasp the puppy’s muzzle and squeeze tight for a few seconds and then release. You may say “NO BITE” to the puppy as you do this. This method will not harm the puppy (even if it yelps, that’s okay) and will get the point across very quickly.

Do not play “tug of war” games with a young puppy as this can promote aggression and possessiveness.  Make the puppy release the tug so you as the owner are always the winner.  Tug games can cause dogs to grow up to be biters and grabbers.  It is perfectly acceptable for two dogs to play tug games but not the puppy/dog and the owner.  Tug games promote bad habits! 

Teething lasts from 4 to 7 months. This is the time when permanent adult teeth are coming in.  Depending on when the puppy loses its first tooth, teething will last for about two months from start to finish.

Only offer dog-safe toys to your puppy. DO NOT give old shoes or socks. Some puppies will swallow pieces of these items and intestinal blockages can occur. Besides, dogs can’t tell the difference between old shoes and new ones. Nylabones, Gumabones, and commercial sterilized bones are wonderful and provide hours of SAFE chewing.  Kong toys with a bit of peanut butter spread around the inside are also good for keeping puppies occupied while crated!! 

There are pros and cons to rawhide chews: they will keep a puppy entertained for hours but they can also be deadly. Dogs of all sizes and ages have been known to choke to death or suffer intestinal blockage from swallowing pieces of rawhide. If you choose to give raw-hide make sure you are able to supervise your puppy and take it away when it becomes too small or swallowed whole. Also when you purchase rawhides, make sure it clearly states on the package “American Made”. Foreign rawhide is preserved with lime and arsenic, which can cause illness and fatalities.

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