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Do you know where they are?  Do you know what they’re doing?

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We send our new puppy owners home with books, articles, packages of information, and in some cases, books that we ourselves have put together and perhaps published.  All of the above is fine, well and good, but things still happen and truth of the matter is, “you can’t watch a puppy or adult 24 hours a day”.  The most important thing to remember is to know where they are and what they’re doing.  When you can’t watch them, crate or kennel for their safety.  If you’re out with them, watch them!  It’s your peace of mind and their protection.  I want to share the story below - an excellent example of what can happen and how a responsible pet owner saved “Charlie” because she was attentive to him, knew where he was and what he was doing. 

“Charlie’s Experience”

as it was told by his owner

Hi Margo, 

Haven't written in awhile and just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on Charlie.  He had to have emergency surgery the week of Thanksgiving.  On that Monday afternoon he started vomiting...I didn't think much about it the first time or two, but after several more times, I called the vet who advised me to take away all food and water and if he wasn't better by morning to bring him in.  Well, he wasn't better so I took him in first thing for an examination.  The vet called me about an hour and said he needed to do x-ray revealed what he thought to be a bone in his stomach.  I told the vet that we called the office back this Summer because Charlie swallowed a rock and the vet on call that day told us not to worry, that he'd probably pass it just fine -  if he showed signs of being sick to bring him in.  I checked his stool for weeks hoping to find the rock, but never did and he was fine, so figured I just missed it.  Well anyway, the vet doing the surgery said he didn't feel like it would have stayed there that long...we're talking at least 4 months.  They called me as soon as he was out of surgery and surprise, was the rock!!  I went by and picked it up because we knew what the one looked like that he swallowed and just wanted to see if it was the same one, and it was!  He had the sutures removed this week and he is fine now...just gave me the scare of a lifetime.  I have a display case with all of his ribbons and JH certificate in it and felt it was the appropriate place for his $900.00 rock.  The biggest disappointment was for Gray.  He and Ivan went on their very first duck hunting trip this weekend and were so looking forward to taking Charlie with them, but we felt it was too soon to chance any type of injury to the incision and I didn't think cold water would feel too good to his shaved belly.  They had a great time so it looks like there will be many more opportunities to take Charlie and hope I get invited on the next one as well.  This was a guy trip...6 of them went....killed 80 ducks, 11 pheasant and 2 it was a successful trip and they had a ball. 

I hope all is well with you the whole "McNeil" family.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you for blessing us with Charlie.  You're always in our prayers.

Happy Holidays,

McNeil Labradors
Statesville, NC 28677

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